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Even as a young child, Dennis Conner was aware of his environment. He noticed that by pushing furniture and accessories around, he could affect how his space felt. This passion for three-dimensional space has been a driving force behind his career and life choices.

A native North westerner, Dennis Conner spent 23 years in visual design, merchandising, and store planning for a prominent Northwest retailer. For years, Dennis had helped friends and business associates improve and enhance the energetic quality of their personal and business spaces. They in turn suggested that with his talents he should do this for a living. During the course of teaching his son the value of following one’s dream, Dennis realized that he was unfulfilled in the corporate environment. From that epiphany, a decision was made to strike out on his own.

Design Dialogue was established in 2000. Offering a variety of design services, Dennis combines concepts of Fung Shui and the psychology of space, to create compelling, energetic and inspired spaces. Services include resale home showcasing, as well as residential and commercial enhancements.

While Dennis offers complete design services, his passion is his unique approach in working with existing furnishings and accessories to show how stylish one’s belongings can look and feel. Design Dialogue is as much about the emotional aspects of space as it is about design. Through personal dialogues, each client’s unique needs are identified. Using existing furnishings, in innovative ways and through artful editing & placement, a home or office can be transformed into a truly inspired and stylish space.

How a space feels, flows, and functions affects your quality of life in ways you’re not even conscious of. Entertaining during the Holiday Season presents its’ own challenges to functional space. Whether simply decorating your home or planning for a big holiday gathering, the flow and placement of furnishings should be carefully considered to ensure your guests can move effortlessly through the space to get a cocktail, have an snack, or just chat with friends.

If you’re looking for help in selling your home, wanting to make your home or office feel and look better, or need assistance with holiday space planning, call Dennis Conner at Design Dialogue. After all these years, he’s still pushing furniture around.

Check out this recent
article about Dennis.