Dennis has showcased several listings for me and I am always amazed at the way he can transform a very plain and uninteresting home into place that is both warm and inviting, simply by moving a few pieces of furniture around. His sense of color, design and style is simply amazing. He is also very good at communicating with clients, in a very friendly and tactful way, what it is they need to do to get their home to show well. He is the best! ~ Linda Page

Dennis, you are the best! You just have the magic touch when it comes to presenting a house. You have made my job easier and my clients get a bigger sale price and are always very proud of their "new" house when it hits the market. Thanks so much for all of your hard work - we couldn't be as successful without you.  P.S. Am so happy to hear that many of my sellers take you with them to their new house. When you feel good walking into a room it is just energizing and we should all have that when we come home at night. Again, thanks for all your hard work."   Nancy House ~ Windermere Real Estate

I wanted to update and paint my home, so I started playing around with colors and design ideas, when I realized that I couldn't decide on colors and patterns.  I  didn't want to do a remodel and after I was done, go "Oh My God" what have I done. As a real estate agent I have seen far too many homes that have been poorly remodeled. I finally tossed my hands in the air and called Dennis. He helped me design one of the most amazing and beautiful kitchens I have ever seen. He is great!~ Linda Page